No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Now Available

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Now Available

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games released an extensive patch titled the Foundation Update today.

The update contains a lot of new content, including an extensive list of balancing and bug fixes. There have been several UI changes implemented with the patch to help make the game run smoother, delivering a greater overall experience. This update, however, includes base building, ergo the foundation update. Players can now openly create their bases on planets, a place to set up shop and store materials. 

Other features in this patch include three new game modes: Normal, Survival, & Creative. Previous players of the game will be used to experiencing No Man’s Sky on the Normal difficulty, while the Survival mode will provide a tougher challenge for experienced players. Similar to Minecraft, Creative mode removes all limitations and allows players to create without the fear of enemies or environmental effects.

Hello Games has remained relatively quiet until recently, which may be attributed to the quality of No Man’s Sky. Since the game’s official launch, millions of gamers, including ourselves, have spoken about our dissatisfaction with No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is available for the Playstation 4 and PC.