Nintendo’s Paid Online Service Offers Free NES/SNES Games

Nintendo’s Paid Online Service Offers Free NES/SNES Games

Update: Polygon confirmed that players will not own a copy of the NES/SNES game provided by Nintendo. Instead, players will receive the game for a limited time, before it is switched out for another game the next month. Fans wishing to continue their progress on the NES/SNES games offered through this program will need to purchase them separately.

The Nintendo Switch’s online service have been revealed during their presentation, late Thursday evening.

Nintendo will focus on delivering a premium online service with the Nintendo Switch. Players now have the option to invite friends to online lobby’s, set up game appointments, and communicate with friends via voice chat in a variety of competitive titles. There aren’t many details, besides the knowledge that it will be based on a monthly subscription. Once it launches, the service is available for free for a limited time.

Although a price for the service has yet to be revealed, Nintendo mentioned that subscribers would receive a free NES or SNES game every month. It isn’t yet known if players will keep the games upon leaving the paid online service, however, it does add extra incentive for active subscribers.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3rd, 2017.