Nintendo Switch Online – November NES Games Arriving Tomorrow

Nintendo Switch Online – November NES Games Arriving Tomorrow

The Nintendo Switch Online service has been running two months now. With a subscription to it’s service you are given access to a library of classic NES games. Nintendo have been adding to this library monthly and it’s now almost time for three more NES games to arrive on our Switch consoles.

The line-up due to arrive tomorrow features TwinBee, Mighty Bomb Jack and Metroid. Although many people might not bat an eye at the first two titles, Metroid is definitely one to be excited for. This classic side-scrolling sci-fi gem was such a hit, it launched one of Nintendo’s largest and longest running series’ while also having a whole game genre half-named after it.

It’s also worth noting that, like Zelda, Metroid will receive the ‘SP’ treatment. Last month a second version of The Legend Of Zelda appeared on our Nintendo Switch consoles titled The Legend Of Zelda SP. This copy of the game essentially is an easier version of the original where the player starts off with lots of essential items, power-ups and rupees. We don’t know when the Metroid SP version will be released but we can only assume it won’t be far off the release of the original Metroid. We also don’t know if it’ll just be an easier version of the game or if it will be completely remixed for a new experience. Either way though it will still be fun to play through this classic again.

TwinBee, Mighty Bomb Jack and Metroid will all be available on November 14th for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers.