Nintendo Switch Needs To Meet Demand To Be Successful

Nintendo Switch Needs To Meet Demand To Be Successful

The Nintendo Switch announcement presentation will stream later this evening, but despite the fact that its rumored price point is $249.99 USD, one other thing is on gamer’s minds: Availability.

When the console is released in March, stock for the Nintendo Switch will undoubtedly become limited as millions of gamers try to get their hands on one. The question here is really how limited they will be, and when more stock would be arriving in stores post-launch. According to the Nintendo Store in New York, “a limited quantity of pre-orders” will begin on January 13th at 9 AM. What scares the gaming audience is the “Limited Quantity” statement, a tone we have all heard before with past Nintendo products.

Lots of consumers blame Nintendo for creating artificial supply and demand, generating hostility towards the gaming giant. Whether or not this is true is unconfirmed. However, Nintendo’s history doesn’t bode well for their limited release window stock. Most recently, the sought-after NES Classic Edition topped everyone’s holiday list, with many being left until after the holiday season to purchase the consoles themselves.

If Nintendo wishes to regain some traction with the gaming audience, they will need to ensure that stock levels are adequate per store. They have lost a lot of trust with the Nintendo Wii U, and its limited software library. But if the Nintendo Switch falls under the same availability levels as the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo could face some trouble trying to reach the extended market, overall attributing to some potential negative customer feedback. Although, releasing in March instead of the holiday season will perhaps help alleviate some of the problems in finding a brand new gaming console.

Of course, there are a ton of other factors that go into making the Nintendo Switch a success, such as their library of games from third-parties. However, failing to meet the supply and demand of consumers for the Nintendo Switch could be detrimental to the Switch’s success.

The Nintendo Switch arrives in March.