Nintendo Switch Bundles Non-Charging Grip For Joy-Cons

Nintendo Switch Bundles Non-Charging Grip For Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch requires a separate accessory if players want to charge their Joy-Con controllers without the need of plugging them directly to the console.

Online descriptions of the Nintendo Switch reveal that the Joy-Con controllers will require a separate purchase if players wish to charge them using the grip. Alternatively, the Joy-Con controllers can be charged by equipping them directly to the sides of the Nintendo Switch console.

The controller grip that the Nintendo Switch ships with is a holder for the Joy-Con controllers, and not the actual charger itself, meaning it will cost consumers an extra $29.99 USD ($39.99 CAD) at launch if they wish to charge them while undocked from the Nintendo Switch console.

Retailers like Amazon are selling the Joy-Con Controller Grip separately.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3rd, 2017.