Nintendo Surveys Gamers For Super Mario Run Sequel

Nintendo Surveys Gamers For Super Mario Run Sequel

It hasn’t even been a month since the release of Super Mario Run, but Nintendo seems to be preparing to gauge interest for the game’s sequel already.

Reported on by PowerUpGaming, Selected users who have linked their My Nintendo accounts with Super Mario Run have been asked about the game and proposed plans for Super Mario Run’s future. One of the questions refers to the game’s price point,¬†asking fans what the most they would pay for the app would be.

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What sparks the most interest is the sixteenth question, which asks gamers if they would “be interested in playing a Super Mario Run sequel if one was released in the future.” It is abnormal for companies to do their market research ahead of a game’s launch, but it seems a little soon for Nintendo to be gauging interest, with Super Mario Run being released just last week.

One of the factors turning away consumers was the game’s price point, at a steep $9.99 USD ($13.99 CAD) for the full version. Of course, Super Mario Run is a free download but contains limited options for those who do not purchase it.

Super Mario Run is available for iOS devices, with a release coming to Android next year.