Nintendo Shipping Switch’s Via Plane To Meet Demand

Nintendo Shipping Switch’s Via Plane To Meet Demand

Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to get the Nintendo Switch to consumers.

Air freight is among some of the more expensive options to ship product overseas, but to get the Switch in more people’s hands, it must be done. According to the Wall Street Journal, costs of the Nintendo Switch go up by about $45 per console to ship it via air; a costly alternative to sending them via marine.

Nintendo has not made it public about which markets the air shipments arrived at, but analysts are predicting the U.S. and parts of Europe as likely candidates.

The success of the Nintendo Switch comes at a bit of a surprise, even for Nintendo. Stock levels of the new console are sold out within hours of receiving shipments for most retailers. The demand is high, and it has no sign of slowing down, especially with the recent release of Puyo Puyo Tetris and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, both selling impressively well. Another title on the horizon is Super Mario Odyssey, another title which should further increase the demand for the system as we approach the holiday season.

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The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Wall Street Journal (Via Kotaku)