Nintendo Discusses Early Announcement of the Nintendo NX

Nintendo Discusses Early Announcement of the Nintendo NX

In an interview with Examiner, Nintendo of America’s Executive VP of Sales, Scott Moffitt, explained why the company decided to announce their new video game console as early as they did.

His quote from states:

“Going back to the reveal, it was important for us to reinforce to our loyal game fans out there that we remain committed to the world of dedicated game platforms. We believe there is magic that occurs when you have a marriage between the hardware, operating system and game content itself. It was important for us to recommit, on behalf of our game fans, to that business. We didn’t want people to think we were migrating away from that core principle, which is we believe in the power of dedicate game platforms and we are going to remain in that business.”

Usually the console developing companies announce their new systems along with demo units, videos showing the hardware and software as well as a plethora of technical information regarding the console. So the decision to announce a system at an investor meeting rather than a big convention or event is out of the norm. Although, just before the announcement there were rumors circulating the internet that Nintendo was going to drop console manufacturing and stick solely to making software for other systems. Either way, we should see more about the Nintendo NX at 2016’s E3 Expo next June.

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