Nintendo: Dead Pixels “Should Not Be Considered A Defect”

Nintendo: Dead Pixels “Should Not Be Considered A Defect”

If you have purchased a Nintendo Switch recently and found that your console has a dead pixel, Nintendo will not be replacing the machine as it is not “Considered a defect.”

According to Nintendo UK, dead pixels are “Normal” to the Nintendo Switch. The post states: “Small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. These are normal and should not be considered a defect.

LCD manufacturers warn that dead pixels may be present on the screen. Several brands will replace the unit should it have more than the acceptable range of dead pixels. Other brands, like Dell and Apple, carry a policy where different types of screens will warrant a replacement if they have more than six dead pixels on most hardware. Certainly, this is an issue with LCD screens, but Nintendo isn’t the first company to waive concern of dead pixels in their screens.

When searching on Nintendo of America’s support website, nothing is mentioned about dead or stuck pixels, so this may be isolated to Nintendo UK. We have reached out to Nintendo for more information. Customers affected by dead or stuck pixels on their shiny new Nintendo Switch console should return it to the retailer rather than contacting Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch launched on March 3rd, 2017.