Nintendo Announces Two New Games For Switch Online

Nintendo Announces Two New Games For Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online, which had somewhat of a rough start, is slowly starting to right itself. The bare-bones features that were offered for the online subscription weren’t enough to get many people signed up. While only $25 CAD for a year’s subscription (for those who want to try it out there are also options for 1 month [$4.99 CAD], 3 months [$9.99 CAD], or a Family Membership for up to 8 account members [$45.99 CAD], roughly one-third of the price of Sony’s year-long subscription, players were at least expecting to be able to communicate with each other through the console and a headset/mic (of which so far only Splatoon 2 and Fortnite use– others require use of the Nintendo Online app on Android and iOS). This became one of the more contentious points of Nintendo’s Online service. But Nintendo, being a family company, has every right to dampen “toxicity” on their platform; they want to be able to control their online ecosystem.

One of the brighter spots on Nintendo’s online portfolio is their inclusion of the Nintendo Entertainment System games that subscribers can play for free. Every month they add a couple of high-profile classics to their online repertoire, which launched with roughly 20 titles. Last month it was Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and Blaster Master, while in Japan subscribers got a third game, Joy Mech Fight.

This month, Nintendo has decided to grace the online games with the presence of Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure. The first is the Westernized sequel to the ever-popular plumber’s first adventure– Nintendo of America thought Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic (the Japanese version of the game) would be too challenging for the Western audience, and decided to give the West its own iteration of the sequel (the actual sequel Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels wasn’t released in the West until later). Kirby’s Adventure is the first game to introduce Kirby’s ability to copy his opponents, a trait that defines the character to this day. And this month, Japanese subscribers will receive Tsuppari Oozumou on top of the other two offerings.

The games will be available to play as of Feb. 13th, 2019, and unlike Sony’s or Microsoft’s services, there is no time limit to acquire them. Once up, they will stay up, at least for the immediate future.

Nintendo has also recently revealed that there are a total of 8 million Nintendo Switch Online members, and that they have plans to expand the service. What that entails remains to be seen but considering this is Nintendo one should probably expect the unexpected; rumors abound that Nintendo will add Super Nintendo Entertainment System games to the service, but Nintendo has not yet commented on the matter.

Do you have Nintendo Switch Online? If so, do you think they should add Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, or are you fine with the Nintendo Entertainment System ones and think they should put their focus elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

Nintendo Switch Online is available now.

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