Nintendo ‘Actively’ Researching Virtual Reality

Nintendo ‘Actively’ Researching Virtual Reality

Revealed during a Sharesholder’s meeting today, Nintendo has confirmed that they are actively researching Virtual Reality.

This information comes from reports on Twitter, which has been translated by Cheesemeister3k. According to these reports, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo have been researching the possibility of Virtual Reality for future platforms.

While Nintendo has been known for trying new things, their Virtual Reality device might better cater to those who want to enjoy long sessions without the fatigue that comes with the Virtual Reality experience.

It isn’t a secret that Virtual Reality was a big part of this year’s past E3, especially with Sony releasing Playstation VR this October.¬†While we were at E3, we had the opportunity to try out some games on Playstation VR which you can read here.

Source: Twitter (Via IGN)