Nintendo Account and My Nintendo Programs Detailed

Nintendo Account and My Nintendo Programs Detailed

Nintendo has revealed that two new programs are making their way to Nintendo Platforms. My Nintendo and Nintendo Account.

Both of these platforms differ in functionality, so lets get right into it. First of all, the Nintendo Account service will be a new tool for Nintendo user ID’s across multiple platforms such as smartphones, tablets, PC’s and of course, Nintendo products such as the WiiU and 3DS. This will enable users to sync up their purchases across the several different platforms, meaning it may now be possible to transfer content from one console to another, something that Nintendo has come up short with in the past years.


My Nintendo on the other hand is a successor to Club Nintendo, a service which stopped earlier this year. As you purchase Nintendo games and products, points will be added to your account which you can then exchange for digital content, discount coupons and even some physical items which were given out during Club Nintendo’s life cycle.

Both of these programs are slated to launch in 2016.