New Story Trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion Released

New Story Trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion Released

London is falling down, falling down, falling down… Ubisoft has finally released a brand new story trailer for the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion and it looks like an epic ride! It reveals quite a bit about the main plot, the antagonist, side characters and the players goals in the game.

Additionally, there has also been some pretty awesome post-launch content revealed alongside the trailer. This includes free updates for the campaign, online and even some exciting information about content within the season pass!

The Story Trailer

The trailer reveals that Zero-Day will be primary antagonist of Watch Dogs: Legion; and he is looking to destroy London and throw it into oppression. With planted bombs across the city, framing the Legion for false crimes and his own personal army taking over the city; Zero-Day is shown to be a true threat. As the city spirals into chaos and authorities chasing the wrong people; how does one stop all of this?

Watch Dogs: Legion’s trailer reveals that a lot of the games story will revolve around recruiting people across the city to rise and fight. This also includes using super spy gear, a lot of guns, fast vehicles and hacking to turn the tide against Zero-Day. Enough talk, let’s check out the trailer itself and take back London!

Post-Launch Content

Ubisoft has also announced information regarding post-launch content. A free update is coming on December 3rd, 2020 that will add 4-player co-op; and will be playable together with new co-op mechanics! This also includes new co-op missions, dynamic events that occur in live time and tactical ops that will challenge your crew! Multiplayer is also being added with a spider-bot PVP mode and the classic invasion mode; while campaign updates will include free campaign updates with new missions, new characters and new game plus!

Information about the season pass has also been revealed with an exciting story expansion called Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline. This will see the return of Aiden Pierce from the first Watch Dogs & Wrench from Watch Dogs 2; alongside a new character named Mina who can use mind control, and revealed a character named Darcy. The cool thing about Darcy is that she is a member of the Assassin Order; meaning that the Assassin’s Creed franchise is finally crossing over with Watch Dogs!

Watch Dogs: Legion is releasing on October 29th, 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia. Afterwards the game will launch on November 10th 2020 on the Xbox Series X|S, and November 12th 2020 on the PlayStation 5! Players who purchase the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will also receive an upgrade to the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 for FREE!

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