New Spider Man Title Shown At Sony’s E3 Conference

New Spider Man Title Shown At Sony’s E3 Conference

Today Sony displayed some gameplay for their new Spiderman title, which looks impressive from the gameplay itself.

Focusing the first part on stealth, web-slinging, and awesome takedowns, Spiderman shows off seamless graphical transitions between cutscene and gameplay.  The game also displays quick time events and Batman Arkham series-Esque fighting styles.

Charming as ever, the Spiderman franchise seems to captivate viewers with its witty dialogue and fearless hero, placing emphasis on the combat system that has been created.

The gameplay also included what seemed to be a boss fight that appeared to prove challenging yet simple, with Spiderman’s abilities shining through for all in the audience to see.

It also looks like there is a new threat that Spiderman must face, with different contacts asking different things of him as he tries to keep the public safe. It was also displayed that the game will be available sometime during 2018, with the end of the conference teasing the presence of a fan favorite character- Miles.

The focus on cinematic action and satisfying web-slinging action makes this new title appear to be a must have for all gamers.