New Pokemon Go Details Emerge

New Pokemon Go Details Emerge

Niantic has revealed some new details regarding their upcoming mobile game, Pokemon Go.

First, there will be places called Pokestops, where players can go to find items like Pokeballs, Pokemon Egg’s and other special items. These Pokestops will be located near public landmarks such “public art installations, historical markers and monuments“. Unfortunately, this is no confirmation on if these items will be purchased using in-game currency or if they will simply be ‘found’ but we will keep you up to date as we hear more information.

The more you play Pokemon Go, the more you will be rewarded. As your trainer level increases, so does your ability to catch stronger Pokemon. While certain Pokemon can only be found in specific locations, other Pokemon can be hatched from the Pokemon Egg’s we mentioned earlier. Pokemon Egg’s will automatically hatch after a player was walked a certain distance, assuming the use of a smartphones built in pedometer to measure how far a trainer has walked.

Another interesting aspect of the press release was the discussion of Pokemon Gyms, something we have had very little information about. To participate in Pokemon Gyms, trainers will have the choice to choose between three different teams. Once you have made a decision on which team you want to join, you can choose one Pokemon per player on the team to ‘defend’ the gym. The gym can then be challenged by opposing teams and if successful, the opposing team will gain control of the Gym. Of course, these gyms will be placed similarly to the Pokestops mentioned earlier in this article.

Aside from that, the only other tidbit of information revealed was the announcement of ‘achievement medals’ which can be earned by completing different challenges. While no further details were announced regarding these achievement medals, we are sure to hear more closer to the game’s launch.

Pokemon Go is scheduled to launch later this year for iOS and Android devices.