New Pokemon, Alolan Forms And More Revealed

New Pokemon, Alolan Forms And More Revealed

Revealed in Nintendo’s latest Pokemon trailer is a whole bunch of new Pokemon, new Alolan forms, and what looks to be the game’s evil team.

First revealed is the sardine Pokemon Wishiwashi. Now this isn’t your usual boring fish Pokemon, because  Wishiwashi has 2 forms that can change the tide of the battle. When in solo form Wishiwashi is not much of a threat but when transformed to school form with its ability schooling, it calls upon multiple friends to form a school of Wishiwashi. It is unclear at this time as to how the Schooling ability works though. In the battle scenes of the trailer, it appears that once Wishiwashi is a certain level, this ability unlocks. Once unlocked, every time you enter a battle, the ability activates.

Next we have a sea cucumber-like Pokemon called Pyukumuku. It is a water type with the ability Innards Out. This ability lets the Pokemon dish out damage equal to the health it has left to the opponent once knocked out.

Last of the new Pokemon is Morelull. Morelull is a Grass/Fairy type Pokemon with the abilities Illuminate or Effect Spore. Illuminate only has an overworld effect, increasing the chance of encountering Pokemon in the wild by 200% when in the lead party slot. Effect Spore  has a small chance to induce sleep, poison, or paralysis upon physical contact with an opponent.

We also get a few new Alolan forms of original Pokemon in this trailer. Alolan Meowth is now a pure Dark type with the abilities pickup or technician. Alolan Marowak is now Fire/Ghost type instead of Ground, with the abilities Cursed Body or Lightning Rod.  Lastly Alolan Raichu is Electric/Psychic with the new ability Surge Surfer. Surge Surfer doubles the user’s speed when electric terrain is active.

Finally, the game’s evil team has been revealed. Team Skull is their name, and they look to be just plain street gangsters with a less prestigious agenda than the likes Team Aqua or Team Galactic had. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a return to a more crime-oriented organization like Team Rocket. In the trailer we saw a couple Skull grunts followed by Plumeria, who is dubbed “Team Skull’s big sister”. After Plumeria, we saw Guzma who is said to be the “big boss” of Team Skull. This is probably by far my least favorite evil team of the Pokemon series, which will make it that much more enjoyable to beat them.

Stay tuned for more news, rumors and reveals regarding everything Pokemon. Sun and Moon are 3 months away, and there seems to be no shortage of trailers, CoroCoro scans, and leaks. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released in North America on November 18th.