New Perfect Dark Game Revealed

New Perfect Dark Game Revealed

The Game Awards brought many surprises this year, including a few major announcements that few saw coming. Perhaps the most exciting reveal for many was that a new reveal trailer for a new Perfect Dark game!

Perfect Dark is being developed by The Initiative; a new Xbox Game Studio that was announced in 2018. They has been built from the ground up to reinvent the franchise; with an apparent focus on advanced movement, gadgets and striking the feeling of a secret agent game.

The reveal trailer begins with a satellite view of the Earth degrading from natural disasters; “I remember when everything changed; the floods, the storms, the fires. People dying in the streets” a man’s voice says.

The camera transfers to a search drone that races through a degrading tower; as the man explains how the corporations humanity has turned to is hiding something.

The drone reaches the rooftop where a woman is overlooking the Egyptian Pyramids as a lighting hurricane begins to stir; the man asks “Did you find the answers you were looking for, Agent Dark?” to which she responds “Not yet, this is just the begging” as the Perfect Dark logo digitizes itself into frame.

Pixel Dark

Joanna Dark will return in the new Perfect Dark, which looks to be deep in development. Currently there is no information about the release date or window; however it will likely be exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC platforms, respectfully.

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