New Character Meruem Is Joining JUMP FORCE!

New Character Meruem Is Joining JUMP FORCE!

BANDAI NAMCO have announced that a brand new character will be joining the Jump Force roster! Meruem from Hunter X Hunter will be the next character coming via the Character Pass 2 this fall. Meruem is the Chimera Ant King, and will be armed with an overwhelming physical prowess & horrifying potent Nen abilities. He will be able to subjugate and eliminate his opponents with an brutally unforgiving iron tail!

He will be joining Shoto Todoroko in the Character Pass 2, which will be releasing this fall. Players can also expect to see characters from Bleach, JoJo’s Bizarree Adventure & YuYu Hakusho which will be coming at later dates.

The Character Pass 2 for Jump Force will be $17.99, and players who purchase this pack will also gain access to the previously released Todoroki. Or, if prefer, you can purchase each character individually for $3.99 per character. Jump Force is available for purchase for $59.99 and is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam! Be sure to follow BANDAI NAMCO’s official website and Twitter account for news and updates!

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