New Battlefield Title To Be Revealed This Month

New Battlefield Title To Be Revealed This Month

Having been recently lead to by an easter egg in Battlefield 1, a teaser for the newest Battlefield title has been released with a reveal date set for May 23rd.

The game’s tag line is “Never be the Same”. There is some speculation surrounding this tag line, with players believing it to allude new gameplay. Others believe it to be some form leap that the franchise hasn’t taken before.  It is also possible that accompanied with the image found in the Easter Egg (Shown below) the tag line could be in referencing to the methods of war that saw change with the advancement of war tactics.

Following reports from Eurogamer, a new button has been added to the Battlefield 1 map Fort De Vaux matching a door that reads “Isolement”.  When the player presses the sequence of buttons correctly, they are then lead to a room that appears to be a cell with a large painting of a horse.  There are leaky pipes that drip in morse code, and when deciphered, reveal a secret URL showcasing the May 23rd, 2018 reveal date followed by #battlefield.

According to Eurogamer, sources have told them that the new installment will be titled “Battlefield V” and will bring us to World War 2. Whatever it is, be sure to check back to Informed Pixel on May 23rd for official details regarding the announcement.