Needy Girl Overdose Has Been Delayed

Needy Girl Overdose Has Been Delayed

Needy Girl Overdose is an upcoming point & click adventure game, and was set to be releasing soon. However, some new information regarding its release has been revealed.

Developer Xemono & Publisher/Developer Why So Serious? have announced that the game has been delayed; and will no longer make its “end of winter 2021” release window. The developers have cited that the delay was decided to make some adjustments & improvements.

The visual novel follows Ame-Chan, who goes by “P-chan” online, as she struggles with her internet addiction. The player’s goal is to develop Ame-chan from a flawed individual into a successful & popular streamer; using her alter-ego of an “internet-angel”.

Players will engage with this character’s development by helping direct Ame-Chan to make good decisions, interact with viewers, and much more. Overall the game is centred around taking care of Ame-Chan as she grows & deals with stress.

Needy Pixel Overdose

Needy Girl Overdose will now be releasing at the end of spring; with no solid date provided as of yet. The game will be releasing on PC via Steam and will support English, Japanese & Chinese languages! To learn more about Needy Girl Overdose, be sure to check out developer Xemono‘s Twitter account.

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