My Arcade Annnounces 2 New Retro Products

My Arcade Annnounces 2 New Retro Products

Retro games have come back in a big way over the last couple of years. With consoles like the Nintendo Switch adding SNES and NES games to their library for those who subscribe to Nintendo Online, and all three big gaming companies embracing the advent of Indie games and a larger focus on making consoles backwards compatible, there is no shortage of retro or retro-style games.

My Arcade has been producing retro arcade machines  (remember those?) for people who want a more distinct and “natural” means of playing their retro video games. While much smaller than the behemoths of recent years, they retain the charm while adding compactness. My Arcade already has machines for Bubble-Bobble, Dig-Dug and Pac-Man Micro-Players, for example; and they just recently announced two more.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro-Player is one of those. This officially-licensed machine comes with the ability to connect two Micro-Player cabinets for head-to-head fights. With new dimensions, this cabinet is meant to be a 1/10th scale replica of the original from 1992, with a widened the control panel to accommodate the 6-button layout. It will also feature art inspired by the original cabinet.

But that’s not all! My Arcade has also announced its successor to the award-winning Retro Champ. Dubbed the Super Retro Champ, this machine will be compatible with SNES, Super Famicom, and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges. It features a 7-inch screen and rechargeable battery that offers up to 5 hours of playing time. The Super Retro Champ will also allow one to choose between handheld mode or television mode.

Finally, My Arcade is at CES; attendees will have the opportunity to demo some My Arcade products, such as the Retro Champ and the Space Invaders Micro-Player. The machines will be purchasable at

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