More Super Mario Odyssey Info Shown at E3

More Super Mario Odyssey Info Shown at E3

As expected, Super Mario Odyssey made an appearance at E3, but I don’t think anyone could have expected what we got.

With an explosive reveal involving an entire T-Rex, the next 3D Mario platformer displayed a brand new (and super cool) new gameplay feature that goes above and beyond what most expected: the ability to assume direct control of nearly any object in the game by throwing your cap onto it.

This includes enemies, NPCs, and even random stuff in the game’s environment. Speaking of which, we also saw way more environments in the game, like a spooky-looking area straight out of A Nightmare Before Christmas.

We finally got a look into that “Crazy Cap” shop shown in the first trailer as well, where we can see they’re selling a bunch of items you can equip to Mario to change his appearance.

Super Mario Odyssey is still set for release this holdiay 2018.