Monster Hunter: World Update Supports 21:9 Resolution

Monster Hunter: World Update Supports 21:9 Resolution

The newest version of Monster Hunter: World  has now gone live on Steam. In the newest update, alongside some unspecified bug fixes, the game will now add support for ultrawide resolutions. The Vignette options in the game have been changed from On/Off choices to High/Normal/Off. Simplified Chinese language support has also been added, as well as a push-to-talk voice chat option. Capcom has stated in a Steam community post that more details will be available later on, but currently it is as follows.

“Major New Features/Design Changes:

– Ultrawide (21:9) support added.
– Vignette Effects options will change from On/Off to High/Normal/Off.
– Support for Simplified Chinese added.
– Push-to-Talk voice chat option added.

Bug Fixes

– Various bugs fixed”

While we wait for that little gem, I will leave you with Capcom’s cute submission of the ten year challenge that seems to be popping up everywhere on the internet these days.

Monster Hunter: World is currently available on PlayAtation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Steam.