Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6 Release Date Revealed

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6 Release Date Revealed

Developer Telltale Games has revealed today that the sixth installment of their episodic Minecraft series is hitting the (digital) shelves on June 7th.

Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery is the beginning of a new trilogy in the series, this time, joining the cast are several famous Minecraft-related youtube stars, each voicing their in-game characters. The episode features the Story Mode crew entering the titular mysterious portal, and emerging in a zombie-infested mansion, where even more mysteries await them.

The entire season can be pre-purchased for only $14.99 USD, but much like Telltale’s other games, each episode can be individually purchased for $4.99 USD, making both purchase options equally viable if you’re not quite sure whether you want to dedicate fifteen bucks right away.

Also released to promote the upcoming episode, is a special series of interviews with each of the youtube stars that will be making an appearance in the game: