Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Requires Two Joy-Con Per Player

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Requires Two Joy-Con Per Player

Later today, Minecraft will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, but consumers should be warned that they will require an additional set of Joy-Con controllers if they wish to enjoy local multiplayer.

Considering Minecraft is a family friendly title, Kids will likely become the primary target audience for the game. As such, parents should know that another set of Joy-Con controllers is required if they want to enjoy 2-player features. Of course, the game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controllers, but players will need two Joy-Con controllers, both left and right, to enjoy the game by themselves.

It feels like a missed opportunity to not include support for one Joy-Con controller at launch, considering that the Nintendo Switch focuses heavily on the portable multiplayer aspect. Other titles like Puyo Puyo Tetris, Shovel Knight, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe appear to take full advantage of the two controllers used separately, so it is odd to see a game like Minecraft not make full utilization of this feature.

On the plus side, Minecraft seems to run well on the Nintendo Switch, even when playing three or four player split-screen on one console. Through our investigation, we found that the game is enjoyable to play with next to no frame-rate drops in gameplay, even in high-density areas. We will have our full review coverage of Minecraft available in the coming days.

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Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition arrives on the Nintendo e-shop later today.