Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Officially Announced; Is Xbox Play Anywhere Title

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Officially Announced; Is Xbox Play Anywhere Title

Immediately following the leak from giant retailer Target, WB Games announces that Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will launch on August 22nd, 2017.

The cinematic trailer, shown after the break, officially announces Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and confirms its release for August. Yesterday, the game was leaked through the retailer Target, who was responsible for posting the game ahead of the announcement.

What the leak didn’t uncover last night was the addition of the Mithril Edition of the game. In addition to the content contained within the gold edition, the Mithril edition will feature the game’s soundtrack, a steelcase, cloth map of Mordor, Sticker packs, an in-game Mithril Chest and a Limited Edition 12″ Tar-Goroth Balrog vs. Carnan Drake Bronze Statue. There isn’t any information regarding the price point at the time of this writing.

The website also uncovers that the game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title. Purchasing a digital copy of the game on Xbox One will unlock the digital version for Windows 10 PC, and vice versa. Game saves and achievements are also transferrable between the versions, meaning gamers can maintain their progress, regardless of their choice of Microsoft platform.

This tagline appears to be the only thing we know about the new game regarding storyline content. Hopefully, we will hear more during the gameplay reveal on March 8th. “A new Ring is forged…War awaits…and Nothing Will Be Forgotten. The next chapter begins with Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War arrives on August 22nd, 2017, for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.