METAL MAX Xeno Announced For Western PS4 Release

METAL MAX Xeno Announced For Western PS4 Release

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Metal Max franchise comes the release of METAL MAX Xeno. Stating it will go “back to basics”, this RPG title hopes to offer fun tank/human hybrid combat and an exciting storyline. The game is being developed by Kadokawa Games and published by NIS America, Inc.

The game sets you as the character Talis, a lone wanderer, as he battles dangerous enemies in the wastelands. His duty is to try and find allies and reunite the near extinct human race again the fight against sentient machines. Throughout the game, players upgrade various tanks using over 500 different parts, and customize the tanks with fresh paint to keep it looking fresh against the relentless enemies.

METAL MAX Xeno is due for release in Fall 2018 on the Playstation 4.

Source: METAL MAX Xeno Official Site & METAL MAX Xeno US Site