Master Puppets in Rainbow Six Siege’s Sugar Fright Event

Did you ever play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and thought that the operators looked a little too…human? Would you rather have a Jim Henson-inspired, egg-headed and woolly-skinned character? Well, the dream of seeing Bert and Ernie blast their way through a foreign battle-ground is inching closer. Ubisoft have released the details on their upcoming Halloween celebration. This year players will have the chance to master puppets in Rainbow Six Siege‘s Sugar Fright Event.

Puppet Master

But while this may seem mundane, there is a lot more to the event than just puppet doppelgangers. The “story”, or events, surrounding this surreal wool-scape is due to Frost’s gorge on candy. She fell asleep, and now we have entered her Kermit the Frog-adjacent nightmare.

10 of the operators will be “trading their flesh and blood for fabric and stuffing.” On the Trickster (Attacker) side, players have the likes of Zofia, the Untamed Puppet and Nomad, the Unwavering Puppet. As for the Defenders (Treaters), they will have the likes of Ela, the Impetuous Puppet and Pulse, the Wistful Puppet.

There will also be new game modes like Sweet Hunt. This is a PvP mode where two teams of 5 compete to gain 50 sweets for their team within 10 minutes of one round. Each kill is rewarded with a sweet, so there isn’t a drastic change from normal gameplay. Players will also be able to strategically steal their own teammates’ dropped candy in order to prevent it from going to the other team.

If you log in during the event, which runs from October 27th, 2020 to November 10th, 2020, you will receive a free Sugar Fright pack. There will be challenges that allow players to earn those Sugar Fright packs without having to spend money on them. Celebrate the Halloween spirit by becoming a puppeteer, and use that puppet the way puppets were intended…to murder other puppets!

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