Massive 7.00 Update Now Available For Dota 2

Massive 7.00 Update Now Available For Dota 2

Valve released the 7.00 update for Dota 2, prompting many changes coming to the free-to-play MOBA. 

One of the biggest additions showcased in this patch is the inclusion of Monkey King, a new hero in Dota 2. The character was announced during the Dota 2 International’s that took place in August. Monkey King introduces a few new skills, including an ability that lets players traverse over trees. He will play a very active carry playstyle and should make for a great chemistry with other Dota 2 heroes.

Another massive change is the introduction of the Dota 2 Hero Talent Tree, a new way to build your characters. In the past, players relied on leveling up their hero’s stats when they have maxed out their abilities. It has been replaced with the Talent Tree, which grants various bonuses dependent on the hero in play. For example, if you level up Wraith King’s skill tree at level 25, the player can choose to have no mana cost on his regeneration ability or to gain a permanent %20 life steal. Of course, each and every hero will have his/her different skill trees, so it should provide for an extra layer of strategy.


Those familiar with the game’s mechanics will notice a lot of changes on the map. First of all, the game’s bounty runes, which are found on either side of the river, has been relocated to several key spots on the map. There are now located in each others ‘Jungle’ and ‘Secret shop’ areas, making them far less risky than before. 

The game also underwent several cosmetic changes, including new models for the characters Viper, Slardar, and Enigma. We also see a small improvement when it comes to the game’s details, with Valve toting “Dynamic Grass” as one of the major cosmetic changes. 

There are so many changes that they are impossible to list to our website without destroying our current theme. A full breakdown of the changes can be seen on Valve’s official Dota 2 page here.

Dota 2 is available for Windows PC.