Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Leaked

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Leaked

In ages long past, a rumor was spread. A rumor so terrible, it couldn’t be true. Mario and The Rabbids… Together in a game.

It couldn’t be true, right? There’s no way. It’s too absurd.

Well, that was I was hoping for anyway. Unfortunately, it’s real. Very real, according to recently leaked images. Presented as an RPG focusing on exploration, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is also one of the only games to feature the Mario cast using firearms in any way. Starring the main cast of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, alongside an assortment of cosplaying Rabbids, the game is curiously being published by Ubisoft, and not Nintendo themselves.

The game appears to have been intended to be a surprise this E3, but it looks like that plan isn’t going to work out too well now.

Below are the leaked images detailing the game. These images, potential Ubisoft training slides, are obtained courtesy of this Nintendo World Report article on the topic.



If the slides are to be believed, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle launches some time this August.

Pictures courtesy of Nintendo World Report.