Mario Gets Spooky For Halloween

Mario Gets Spooky For Halloween

It makes me really happy that Nintendo are truly getting into the spirit of halloween. Last week, the 3DS remake of Gamecube classic Luigi’s Mansion was released to truly kick off the festivities. Nintendo aren’t stopping there though. While Luigi is off ghost hunting on our 3DS systems, his brother Mario is bringing Halloween to our Nintendo Switch screens.

That’s right, Mario Odyssey has been updated to include a fantastic looking zombie Mario costume complete with a fake axe, green skin and dead white eyes. I think it’s a truly great design for the season and if Mario Odyssey keeps getting more content like this then it will definitely keep our attention on the game for a long time.

I’m really hoping that Nintendo won’t stop there. I would like to see some more Halloween content come to Mario Odyssey as the big day draws closer. (I’m visualising a temporary Mushroom Kingdom halloween makeover) Surprise me Nintendo and keep me playing Super Mario Odyssey this Halloween.

You can get some awesome Halloween screenshots and play as Zombie Mario now in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch.