Marijuana Is Legal; Here Are Some Inexpensive Games To Enjoy With Your “Buds”

Marijuana Is Legal; Here Are Some Inexpensive Games To Enjoy With Your “Buds”

Today is a historical day in Canada. Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Ganga, Mary Jane, or other descriptive names for Marijuana is now legal in Canada, ending eight decades of criminalization of the recreational drug. While many have been smoking the green for years, for a lot of people, it may be an entirely new experience for them.

Gaming is something we don’t recommend for people who are new to the drug, but we picked out some games on the cheap, that may be the perfect companion for experienced smokers.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Never would I recommend this game for people who are sensitive to flashing colors, especially when under the influence of weed. With that said, those who are taken in be flashy visuals and colorful designs should be drawn into Geometry Wars 3 quite easily. There are a number of different modes available within the game, each with their own unique challenges, so finding one that fits your play style shouldn’t be difficult.

Forza Horizon 4

I know. It seems weird that I would recommend a racing game considering weed is intoxication, but hear me out. Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most relaxing games I’ve ever enjoyed. Like I mentioned in my review of the game, the game is VERY accessible regardless of the player. It’s a title where you can sit back, have a toke, and lose your mind in the beautiful landscapes and relaxing environments. It isn’t required to participate in the game’s high-speed events. Maybe you can get lost into designing your own car, enjoying a casual drive around great Britain, or compete in some fun online drifting events. Our review covers a lot more about the game in detail, but for 4:20, we don’t think you can go wrong with Forza Horizon 4.

With regards to the “Inexpensive” tag, anyone can pick this up with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, with free trials available for those who have not claimed it yet. Play it for free for 14-days, or just pick up a month subscription for cheap and enjoy it. You won’t regret it.

Super Stardust Ultra

If you weren’t drawn in by Geometry Wars, perhaps Super Stardust Ultra is the way to go. Similarly, Super Stardust Ultra features intense visuals, providing an excellent platform to satisfy the 2.5D ship-based shooters. The game is structured in a way that progressively gets harder as you play, which could be difficult for some green enthusiasts.

Unlike Geometry Wars, the game is cooperative with another friend, but with only a couple of game modes to enjoy. The overall lasting appeal isn’t really here, but the colorful presentation and difficulty curve should make for a fun challenge for experienced gamers.

Castle Crashers Remastered

You can’t go wrong with a side-scrolling beat-em-up that also happens to support cooperative gameplay with up to four players. If you have some friends around, and you want to spend your stoner-time with immature humor, but a long-lasting quality campaign, you should look no further than Castle Crashers.

The game debuted on the Xbox 360 and eventually made it’s way to Xbox One. The remastered version doesn’t offer a bunch more from the base game, but is still worth the purchase for mindless entertainment.

Jackbox Party Pack 3

This one is perfect for a party, especially for a bunch of stoners looking for a cheap laugh at their own expense. The Jackbox Party Pack bundles are all great, but Jackbox Party Pack 3 still takes precedent at personal group events. Trivia Murder Party is one of my favorite games from the series, as it provides mostly senseless trivia with entertaining mini-games. Games like Quiplash operate under the creative wit of the party, meaning the wittier your group is, the better the game will be. Tee-KO brings out the player’s creativity, while Fakin’ It is the ultimate bluff game which is sure to create a bunch of casual arguments. You can read our full review coverage about why we think this game is perfect for parties.

Better yet, the game is accessible for anyone to join in, with the game controller being the stoner’s phone. No sharing with your friends as everyone has their own device likely ready to go. The only challenge is remembering to keep your phone charged.

Honorable Mention: Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect didn’t make the list for one reason: It isn’t out yet. That won’t stop me from taking about it’s musical charm. The colorful effects and the popping graphics, even in virtual reality will leave games mesmerized by its design. It truly is a game to watch out for.

Tetris is an interesting game because it’s difficulty curve is based on the player. As you play more Tetris, you improve by playing against yourself. The Game Theorists do a great job at explaining the difficulty level here.

Of course, we can’t name all of the games that would be a perfect fit. Do you know a few that would be perfect? Let us know in the comments below!

Informed Pixel does not condone the use of Marijuana for people under the age of legalization in their province/territory. Please use responsibly.