MapleStory M Will Receive New Summer Content

MapleStory M Will Receive New Summer Content

MapleStory M is a free-to-play MMO mobile game for iOS and Android, and is approaching its 2 year anniversary. There’s no better way to celebrate than delivering an update with a variety of new experiences and improvements; which is exactly what Nexon has set out to do!

Right off the top, the update features a character re-balance for the primary classes, with the max level extending from 200 to 220. Two new hunting fields have also been revealed; the Dead Mine & the Ellin Forest, granting access based on the level extension of the characters.

A new second dungeon boss to the Root Abyss Expedition, “Pierre” and will unleash all know attacks based on its red or blue Pierre mode. Players who take on and complete this new challenge will be receive a special reward; granting equipment power and unlocking Root Abyss exchange currency. This is a worthy award as it will allow players to purchase exclusive equipment and buff items.

Upcoming Live Events

These updates may be exciting, but there’s also a new selection of limited time events that have already started! There are three primary live events occurring within the next month. First of all, The “Lotus Leaf Collection Event” will last from now until July 1st, and allows players to collect lotus leaves while exploring the open fields.

Furthermore, on July 8th to July 27th, the “Surprise M Attendance Sheet Event” will begin and be activated at the player’s first login for 14 days. Additionally, from July 15 to July 28 the “Rock, Paper, Scissors Mini- Event” will take place; allowing players to participate 3 times a day in the game to earn coins. Rewards for all 3 events will be given to participants and will help them collect XP, receive a special Cody item, and level up their equipment.

The new update arrived on June 29, 2020 with more information about the July update being announced soon. Learn more about MapleStory M by visiting the official website and Twitter account. As always, keep it tuned to Informed Pixel to help keep up to date with the game and updates!

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