Lucius III Announced For PC (Via Steam)

Lucius III Announced For PC (Via Steam)

Shiver Games have announced the third game in the Lucius series, Lucius III.

Set to release on Steam late 2018, Lucius III will return to its roots in terms of both gameplay and story. Lucius III will play as a narrative adventure and focus on the town of Winter Hill. Winter Hill is the same town that Lucius spent his first six years, so the game is bound to have a few easter eggs referring to this.


Lucius continues down the road of rapture and finally decides what road is best for him. Purchasing this title means you are in for a ton of gruesome violence, disturbing imagery, and gut-wrenching moments, so faint-of-heart players – stay away. If you can live with the dark, gritty experience, then you are rewarded with a few heartfelt moments, usually those with regret. The game is filled with various detailed and structured environments that will allow the player to experience playing as a villain protagonist to it’s full experience. Using magical abilities players can kill those around them in extremely disturbing ways. Over 20 original music pieces will ship with the game, complimenting Lucius’ dark atmosphere.

Lucius III is due to release on Steam in 2018. You can visit the Steam page here.

Source: Official LUCIUS III Site