Let It Die Releases For PC This Fall

Let It Die Releases For PC This Fall

Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let It Die will release for the PC later this Fall.

Those familiar with Let It Die will know that the beat em’ up throws the player in a position with no equipment, forcing the player to fend for themselves with only their bare hands. As the player progresses through the game, they collect more items and gear as they defeat enemies.

The game “Let It Die” should go without saying that the game is designed to let players die a lot. After death, the player’s AI counterpart will participate in others’ games where they will face off against each other, thus causing a vicious cycle of powerful enemies.

The game was released for the Playstation 4 back in December 2016 and was received with average reviews, scoring a 76 on Metacritic at the time of this writing. No specific release date for the PC version has been announced at this time, besides the Fall release window.

Let It Die is available for the Playstation 4.