Layers of Fear 2 Trailer Released

Layers of Fear 2 Trailer Released

With the release of Resident Evil 2 just past, and with it getting great reviews, now would be an excellent time to shine the spotlight on a lesser-known upcoming horror title, Layers of Fear 2. While announced officially a few months ago, a trailer was only recently shown, and it looks to continue the psychological and psychedelic aspects that were so prominent in the last game.

Bloober Team, the developers of the first Layers of Fear (on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC), are looking to recapture the reality-bending story of the first game, in which a painter goes about creating his Magnum Opus (I’m purposely leaving it vague–to explain much more would ruin the story). Only this time, it looks like the setting will be a cruise ship, and instead of using painting as a thematic element integral to the story, this sequel attempts to use cinema as its canvas. Described in a second video the developers released, “Inspiration”, a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming title, they say they are thinking of this game as their look at the Golden Age of Hollywood, and in particular, Alfred Hitchcock.

As for the main character, they are going much the same route as in the original– the player will take the role of an actor who is on the set of a cruise ship. For anyone who is concerned that Bloober Team didn’t realize what made the last game so great, they need not worry; they intend to follow a similar concept, utilizing claustrophobia and the environment constantly being in flux much like the first. On top of that, the protagonist will again carry a cracked psyche, making it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.

You can color me excited (pun definitely intended) for the release of this sequel. There is no release date yet (though it will more than likely be 2019), and no announcement about which platforms it will be released on; considering the first Layers of Fear was on all platforms, it would make sense for them to do so again.

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