Latest Halo Community Update Gives Tons Of Halo News

Latest Halo Community Update Gives Tons Of Halo News

Xbox gamers across the globe are extremely excited in this Halo month! With Xbox giving gamers more information and a deeper look into the next instalment, July is shaping to be a fun filled and important checkpoint in this adventure.

By now, July 23rd 2020 has been embedded into our minds from the amount of discussions surrounding the upcoming Xbox event. Developer 343 Industries have confirmed that we will see a first look of the highly anticipated Halo Infinite campaign. With speculations, rumours and dreams at their highest, actual official news on the next UNSC adventure is at a minimum.

To everyone needing to scratch that Spartan itch, we have you covered. There is actually more Halo news to tick us over until the Xbox event. Keep reading to see what’s happening with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, Esports and more!

Halo 3 on PC

The third instalment in the original trilogy was one of the most successful Halo launches in the history of Xbox. Everyone remembers the sheer beast of a marketing campaign that Xbox let loose with the run up to the game’s launch. Finally, on July 14th, 2020, PC players can jump into Halo 3 on Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

However, gamers from both platforms will be happy to know that PC and Xbox players will both get an updated game with a multitude of additional features and improvements.


Although, Halo: Reach and Halo 2: Anniversary’s Forge will be added to PC’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 3’s Forge will be updated for both PC and Xbox. This will include new features, such as: phased physics, coordinate snap, rotation, rotation snap, increased budget, and brand new pieces.

In addition, Halo: Reach and Halo 3 will be getting a highly sought audio fix, so keep your volume on high and have a listen to improved sound quality!


The Spartan’s new groove

What you don in multiplayer is an important feature for aficionados. So, in Halo 3, the customisation will be updated for this final instalment of the original trilogy. Gamers can now select individual armour pieces, as well as displaying your chosen emblem on your shoulder and armour in-game. The customisation fun doesn’t end there, however.

For the very first time, Halo: Combat Evolved will have officially supported customisation options. This includes, visors and skins for weapons and vehicles. Even if the weapon is dropped, or the vehicle is exited, the skins will remain applied, unless a new player gains control of them. Skins can be toggled on or off in the settings, to support players that want the original Halo feel.

You can check out more details about the Halo: Combat Evolved additions in our recent Highlight Of The Week piece.CUSTOMISATION

Season 2

In addition, we can expect more things on July 14th. We will also get Season 2 and a new Challenge System. Over 100 customisation items can be unlocked from the various modes, such as: Campaign, Firefight, and Multiplayer. Players can now choose which order to unlock season items within a tier.

However, all items still need to be unlocked before proceeding to the next set. The new Challenge System now allows for players to track their progress and get rewarded immediately when meeting the criteria from in-game events. To celebrate the launch, you can also unlock a brand-new Halo 3 Campaign Skull and exclusive nameplate.

In addition, as part of this new season, all player skill rankings will be reset. We will also see a new lifetime highest rank stat for each ranked playlist moving forward.


Halo 3: ODST Firefight

One of franchise’s biggest staples, Halo 3: ODST Firefight, will be added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In case you didn’t know, Firefight is a horde-esque mode that has you battle through waves of increasingly tough enemies. Battle can be waged on foot or in vehicles with seven lives shared between the team to survive the onslaught.

This firefight addition will be coming to PC and Xbox later in the summer. If you already own the game then there is no charge for the firefight mode. However, if not, there is a $5 USD cost of Halo 3: ODST on both platforms.

ESports For Spartans

The MCC Pro Series, the new online tournament series for pro players and amateurs, is hosting the third Open tournament on July 11th, 2020. In the last competition, Sentinels secured their third straight MCC Pro Series win! Alongside the other teams in the top 8, Sentinels have qualified for the Pro tournament on July 18th. If anybody wants to take part in the Open tournament, you can register here.


Halo 5: Guardians

To those that don’t know, until July 19th 2020, all proceeds from REQ Pack purchases are being donated to the NCAACP Legal Defence & Education Fund. This fundraising initiative started on June 19th 2020, where there has been an outpouring of support from gamers and contributors.

Attention everyone! Get your Assault Rifles ready as there will be a plethora of playlists available for the next two months. From July 2nd 2020 we’ll get Solo Queue Team Arena & Free-For-All, Shotty Snipers and Warzone Turbo right through to the August 27th, 2020 with Castle Wars and Warzone Turbo there are enough playlists in between to keep Halo fans very busy. For the full list of playlists in July and August, click here.


Gear up Spartans!

With merchandise popping up in online and store shelves, the hype Banshee is officially in boost mode. As per tradition of each Halo release on PC, a new mouse pad has been released. To get your hands on the Halo 3 themed mouse pad, click here.

The famous Mega Construx action figures are also hitting store shelves. Interestingly, some figures correlate to Halo Infinite and some are general for the in-game universe. All the sets can be seen here.


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