Last Oasis Is Heading To Xbox Platforms In 2021

Last Oasis Is Heading To Xbox Platforms In 2021

Xbox fans will be happy to know that the successful Last Oasis is coming to the platform in 2021. We can expect the game to be launched on the Xbox Series X, S & Xbox One consoles with full cross play support with PC.

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So, what is Last Oasis?

The game is a Nomadic Survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic future of a devolved Earth. A major event stopped the planet’s rotation and, as a result, two extreme (and deadly) environments are created. Therefore, on one side we have an extremely hot and burning environment, and on the other a freezing one. However, there is a very narrow region between the two that supports life.

In this massive open world, the remaining survivors must outrun the scorching sun to survive. Having built nomadic machines and the walking city of Flotilla, the humans must keep moving. The Nomads can travel the world on wind-powered land ships called Walkers. These transports can be adapted for travel, harvesting and, of course, combat.

Ultimately, survival is dependent on sending reluctant Nomads into the passing oases to face warring factions and gather essential resources. Be warned, not everyone will come back alive.

One BIG community!

Developed by Donkey Crew, Last Oasis was part of Steam Early Access from March 26th, 2020. Therefore, it already has secured a very large fan base with thousands of positive user reviews! When the Xbox version goes live, players will be part of a larger gaming community as Xbox and PC users can play together.

Xbox players can even join the community now by following @OasisNomad on Twitter. As an added bonus, Season 2 will officially commence on November 22nd, 2020. Xbox players can expect a lot of content when the game is available next year.

Last Oasis will be launched on the Xbox Games Store in Q1 2021. For a wider array of gaming news, please visit Informed Pixel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.