Kitsune Games And MidBoss Team Up To Create Kitsune Tails

Kitsune Games And MidBoss Team Up To Create Kitsune Tails

With all of the Super Mario content being released recently, it’s understandable that one would feel weary of platformers. For those who haven’t, there are still some choice options on the 2D horizon. Players will have one more to look forward to, because Kitsune Games and MidBoss are partnering up to make a new game.

Known for their “hit” platformer, Super Bernie World, Kitsune Games have also invited console publisher Ratalaika Games to partake. The collaborators have now revealed their efforts– Kitsune Tails, a 2D platformer.

Kitsune Tails will feature “Japanese mythology and diverse relationships”. Players will control Yuzu, a kitsune who is in some trouble due to her inexperience. She is saved by the healer Akko, and eventually they fall in love, but someone else has other plans for the two of them…

Given an amulet imbued with powers, Yuzu sets out to save Akko, setting this all up is classic platforming and a heart-warming story. It will also feature the ability to changing Yuzu’s costumes as necessary, and by doing so, her abilities. Abilities include running across water, as an example.

The game will support most languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian. A Kickstarter campaign will launch in mid-2021.

When it comes to the game, Kitsune Games founder Emma “Eniko” Maassen says, “Secrets are a staple of classic platformers, and we wanted to use that as a vehicle for telling a story of complicated relationships and self discovery.”

She says that only those who use “all of the skills imbued by Yuzu’s adorable outfits and other tools” will see the breadth of what the game offers. However, the game will include many accessibility options for those who want to “define the depth of challenge”.

Kitsune Tails will release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and in Q1 2022.

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