Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Headed To Playstation 4

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Headed To Playstation 4

SQUARE ENIX and Disney have announced a brand new Kingdom Hearts game, this time in VR form.

Named Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, the game allows Kingdom Hearts fans to relive some of their favorite memories from the series in what is being called a “Unique Interactive Music Experience“. 

Although Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing on multiple platforms next year, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is expected to release exclusively for Playstation, returning the franchise to the platform it began on. Some can speculate that this is due to Xbox’s lack of a VR solution. Upon launch, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will be free to pick up, so anyone with a Playstation VR headset can enjoy the experience.

This brand-new, free PlayStation VR experience will immerse fans in the KINGDOM HEARTS universe like never before and allow them to relive some of their fondest KINGDOM HEARTS memories. As part of the “Virtual Reality Projection Mapping” project this new KINGDOM HEARTS experience will feature fully immersive 10 minute interactive videos featuring music from the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Fans can also unlock new content by playing through KINGDOM HEARTS: VR Experience, although what this content is has yet to be announced.

The Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience releases exclusively for the Playstation 4, later this year.

Source: Official Playstation Japan YouTube