Killer Queen Black Comes To Xbox Game Pass In 2021

Killer Queen Black Comes To Xbox Game Pass In 2021

Killer Queen Black will come to Xbox Game Pass in January 2021. What do I mean? The invasive murder-hornets, of course. Its perfect; why go outside when you can kill aggressive species in the comfort of your own home?

Give No Quarter

Killer Queen Black, developed by Liquid Bit and Bumble Bear Games, is a modern version of an arcade game. As such, it has been developed into an 8-person multiplayer “strategic action-platformer”. Players control either a Queen or one of three workers and battle others to claim the hive.

There are three ways in which a team can win. First, the player can collect enough berries as a worker. Second, a team can kill an opponents Queen three times. Third, a player can sit atop a snail (moving as a snail does) and ride it back to their base; there’s no word on whether this last strategy is culled from reality.

The creators have said that having a strategy is beneficial but that it will need to be kept transitory in order to win.

So far on Steam, the game has a “Very Positive” reception from 336 reviews. The Xbox version of the game will include quick access for party and friends lists, updated voice chat and supports cross-play between PC and Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately, unlike the murder hornets, we know these insects are coming. Killer Queen Black comes to Xbox Game Pass January 5th, 2021.

“We’re happy to bring Killer Queen Black to Xbox Game Pass and expand our community even further, thanks to cross-platform support,said Matt Tesch, co-founder of Liquid Bit.

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