Keen – One Girl Army Skates to the Nintendo Switch and Steam

Keen – One Girl Army Skates to the Nintendo Switch and Steam

Editors Update June 15th, 2020: Due to the impact of COVID-19 on console verification times, the release date for Keen – One Girl Army is now July 2 for Nintendo Switch instead of the previously mentioned June 25th release date. The Steam release date of June 25th, however, remains the same.

Keen – One Girl Army is an upcoming tactical turn-based puzzle game from developer Cat Nigiri and published by Pheonixx. Prepare to slice and dice zombies on the Nintendo Switch, Steam for Windows and Mac in this cute and creepy new game.

The story follows heroine Kim, who must step up to an evil corporation to defend her home island. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Kim must use her lightning fast reflexes and fantastical weapons to stop an insidious plan to bring 500 years of peace to an end.

Strap on your roller skates, grab your katana and follow in your grandmothers footsteps to become a legendary warrior. Battle your way through more than 20 types robots, ninjas, zombies and challenging bosses. As you fight, you will also have your way through maze-like forests, underwater labs and orbital stations to get to the big city.

Earn gadgets and power-ups to upgrade Kim and truly make her a one girl army. Utilize the abilities such as teleport to get past blockades, stun a group of enemies back and trap them. You can even eradicate obstacles that stand in your way. Use your cunning, skill, gadgets and power-ups to overcome puzzles and powerful enemies to complete each level.

“Kim comes from a remote island, and her journey to take on the final boss at the enemy’s headquarters will take her through many strange and imaginative areas,” The founder of Cat Nigiri, Caio Lopez, stated . “Keen – One Girl Army layers combat, movement and puzzle design on top of each other to create an experience where you don’t go back and forth between the elements, but instead get to think about all of them at once.”

Keen – One Girl Army will be skating its way to Steam on Windows and Mac on June 25th, along with a Nintendo Switch release now planned for July 22nd, 2020 at $15.99. It will also support English, Japanese, Brazilian and Portuguese languages. Keep up to date on news about Keen – One Girl Army, be sure to visit the official website as well as @Phoenixx_inc and @CatNigiri on Twitter.

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