KartRider Rush+ Out Now On Mobile Devices

KartRider Rush+ Out Now On Mobile Devices

The newest instalment in the popular KartRider mobile series is here with KartRider Rush+. The popular mobile racing game has returned with extra new game modes and extra customization. With this new addition to the franchise comes a brand new trailer showing off gameplay.

The trailer showed off the bright and colourful racing world of KartRider. Along with the colour, it highlighted some impressive 3D graphics for a mobile game. Those graphics coupled with online multiplayer with up to eight other players is an incredible achievement given the fact that this is a mobile game. Players will only need a minimum of 1GB of RAM on their phone to play this game, which could be a phone as old as an Iphone 5S.

The new trailer also showed the customization of the various racers and the players options to own a house. Along with the house, the trailer shows off some outfits and accessories that the game will come with. Players will also be able to custom karts with decals, and even pets who will join them as they leave their fellow racers in the dust.

We also got to see some of the powerups players will use to wipe out the competition. Such powerups include a tracking missile to take out enemies in front of the player, or a banana that cause an unlucky soul to a complete stop if hit. A powerup that looks like a balloon is also shown, and it seems to act as a shield to protect the player from oncoming attacks.

The game also releases with 50 race courses with 5 different modes. One of these modes is Speed Race, a mode to race other online players and test your drift skills to earn EXP which is used to unlock more race difficult tracks to race on. Another mode is Story Mode, in which players follow the story of protagonist Dao as he and his save the race tracks from Lodumani and his evil deeds.

Any players that play before May 25th, 2020 will be able to claim the pre-registration milestone rewards. These rewards include Skelemech Kart, Slugger Dao Character, Angel Wing Headset, Star Driftmoji and Love Candy Balloon. There are many more modes available in the game so be sure to check it out. KartRider Rush+ is out now on IOS and Android.

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