Kanye West Reveals his… Own video game?

Kanye West Reveals his… Own video game?

Yes, I kid you not. Kanye West, yes, THAT Kanye West, is making his own video game, and that image you see at the top of the article is not just a bad quality screenshot, but literally the best possible quality shot of the trailer available.

And yes, it really is as bizarre as you would expect.

Starring West’s mother, on her trip to heaven, not much else is known about Only One: The Game, besides of course, what is shown here. With no gameplay described, and absolutely no planned platforms as of yet,  Only One: The Game is easily the most mysterious and truly odd reveal of the year so far.

But, to make up for the lack of information I can give you, I’ll leave you with a quote from West himself, on his meeting with San Fransico game devs:

“I’ll be like, ‘I want to make a game,’ and they’ll be like, ‘F**k you,'”