Japanese Survival Horror Game Yuoni Announced

Japanese Survival Horror Game Yuoni Announced

There are some really big Japanese survival-horror games out there. Resident Evil, usually considered the forefather of modern survival horror, is the most well-known. There’s also Silent Hill; while not having a game in recent years (excluding P.T.), it still remains in gamer’s minds.

Developers Tricore and publishers Chorus Worldwide are looking to squeeze themselves into that room. They started with Yuoni: Rises, a visual novel game released in 2019 for Steam and the Nintendo Switch. Now the sequel and a new Japanese survival horror game named Yuoni has been announced.

Set in Japan in 1990, Yuoni is a first-person game. The player controls Ai, a grade-schooler caught “in a world of permanent dusk”. Her life hangs in the balance as monsters attack her daily, monsters like “shadowy entities” and “eyeball monsters”.

There are 2 different modes of play, and you’ll have to master both in order to escape. First, you will explore the environment in a “hide-and-seek” search for items. Then you’ll have to use those items to escape in a deadly game of tag. “But be sure you don’t forget the paths you’ve taken, or you’ll never make it out.”

There are three environments– a hospital, a school and a Japanese home. All of them are connected to each other without a single hint as to how or why. The only commonality is the eternal sunset and the colour palette it casts.

Playing as a 5th Grader will present its own challenges– there will be no weapons for you to defend yourself. You won’t be able to move as quickly as an adult, and you’ll have to hold your breath at times. But once its over, players can go back and face a tougher challenge with a better reward for completion.

While an Indie Game, Resident Evil and Silent Hill have some competition with the Japanese survival-horror game Yuoni announced. You’ll be able to stare at the sunset all you want when Yuoni releases for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One in Spring 2021.

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