Jagex Takes Down Old School Runescape After Game-Breaking Bug

Jagex Takes Down Old School Runescape After Game-Breaking Bug

Game developer Jagex took down their MMO Old School Runescape after the community discovered a game-breaking bug.

The bug afflicted players in a very positive way, giving players 2,147 Million Gold after they killed another player in the game. This is the maximum stack of cash a player can hold in their inventory at one time, so understandably, it ruined the integrity of the game. This was proven by Twitch user Purpp, who killed another player. While the player dropped 65,535 gold after dying, Purpp found he had just picked up the game’s maximum stack of gold, causing a comedic reaction. You can see that clip here.

At the time of this writing, Old School Runescape servers have been offline for about five hours. The developer is planning to roll back the game to a time where this bug did not exist, but it is not yet known how this will affect players.

Recently, Old School Runescape was released for Android, although the mobile version of the game is still in beta. The game is in development for iOS devices, but its release is still unknown.

Old School Runescape is available for PC and Android.