Update: Is Ubisoft Teasing A New Far Cry Game?

Update: Is Ubisoft Teasing A New Far Cry Game?

Update: GameRant has confirmed with Ubisoft that this was a throwback post.

Original: We may have just received our first teaser of a new Far Cry game currently in development.

Discovered by Gamerant, Ubisoft posted some promotional artwork from the most popular game in the series, Far Cry 3. The text below, when translated, reads “An Island that has never really left.” indicating that we may be jumping back on the island featured in Far Cry 3 in due time.

Keep in mind that this is just speculation, and it is possible that the post is just a subtle throwback to Ubisoft’s previous work. With that said, we hope that this isn’t just a random Facebook post, and that a new Far Cry is actually in development.

If this is a tease to one of Ubisoft’s E3 reveals, we should hear about it during Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference. Ubisoft’s E3 Media Briefing is expected to take place on Monday, June 12th in the afternoon, although the publisher has yet to announce specific details.

The latest game in the series, Far Cry: Primal, is available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.