Is This The Price of Playstation VR?

Is This The Price of Playstation VR?

The Playstation VR may be considerable cheaper than the Oculus Rift, if a posting from a Czech retailer is to be believed.

Captured by, the Playstation VR showcases a price point of 11,990 KC which roughly translates to $490 USD or $674 CAD. At the time of this writing, the Oculus Rift currently runs at $599.00 USD while Valve’s HTC Vive sits at $799.99 USD, making the Playstation VR headset the most affordable option for those wanting to invest in VR technology. Of course, the Playstation VR would likely be sold exclusively for Playstation 4 owners while the Oculus Rift currently supports Windows and HTC Vive currently support Windows.

Playstation VR is scheduled to launch sometime this year, but we have yet to hear official details regarding it’s price point.

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