IO Interactive Have Announced Hitman 3

IO Interactive Have Announced Hitman 3

A new Hitman has been announced for a 2021 release. Announced during Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal stream, the beloved stealth video game series Hitman is back with a new game simply named Hitman 3. Following the announcement, we got a new trailer showing off some early gameplay footage of the final game. We yet again see into the World of the Assassination trilogy (which started with the 2016 edition of Hitman).

The Hitman series was developed by IO-Interactive in 2000 and quickly became successful for it’s dark take on the stealth genre. It even being adapted into a series of films, which have helped spread the awareness of the story of Hitman.

As always, you will play as the contract killer known only as Agent 47 as you team up with an old friend to take down the partners of Providence. The Providence is the global organisation that controls nearly every aspect of the world, ranging from trades to even terrorist attacks.

We also have a gameplay trailer showing some cinematic gameplay of a mission. It takes place in Dubai as you scale up a massive skyscraper that pokes well above the clouds, possibly taking out a member of the Providence. 

We have been told that Hitman 3 is going to take you around the world with a strong desire to explore the world, and features a large variety of ways to eliminate your targets. There are some hints that there will be a focus giving you rewards for replaying the story and playing differently.

Hitman 3 has been given an estimated release date being January 2021, however that is all we have been given in terms of its released. In terms of consoles, this is a different story, as Hitman 3 will be released on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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