InformedPixel 2.0 Is Coming In February – A Look Into Our Future

InformedPixel 2.0 Is Coming In February – A Look Into Our Future

If you have been on our website recently, you may have noticed that we have been in radio silence for some time. There are multiple reasons for that, but we are now ready to share some of our plans for the immediate future.

In early February, we will restart our flow of daily news coverage. This includes reviews, opinion pieces, and news from around the gaming industry. While we don’t have any specific dates to share, we are hard at work at bringing the business back to life for our writers and our readers.

Going into March and throughout the rest of the year, we are partnering with a variety of people and businesses to increase the content production throughout the business, not only on or, but on other social media platforms as well. While we don’t have any specifics to announce at this time, we will keep our readers informed the moment we have the info available.

For those who have followed us before, thank you. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it is the conversations we have with the general populous that make us want to return to bring you more content. It is a lot of time and energy sacrificed into a small business, but having our readers support us by reading our articles is all we want to become successful.

This will be a hard act to follow, but the team at Informed Pixel & Informed Pixel Media Group are committed to bringing you the latest content surrounding the gaming industry. Stay tuned and we will update you as we re-materialize.